Totally Kegs 4301 N Western...
- How many cases or glasses of beer are in a keg?
  • Approximately 8 cases, or 200 10oz glasses
- How long will a keg last before it goes flat?
  • 2 to 3 days
- How can I pay for the keg and the equipment?
  • We only accept cash or credit card for keg and equipment payment
  • Under Oklahoma State Law, no credit card payments may be accepted over the phone. Card must be presented in person at the point of sale
- How does the deposit work and how can I pay the deposit?
  • We only accept cash or credit card for equipment rental
  • If a credit card is used for your deposit, it is merely an authorization. CREDIT CARD WILL NOT BE CHARGED and the authorization will be lifted once the equipment is returned.
  • The return of the deposit is based on a 3 day / 72 hour rental
- Do you deliver?
  • Delivery, setup, and pickup are included with all Brute Package rentals within the Oklahoma City metro area
  • Delivery arrangements can be made for all Party Package rentals for an additional fee. Please call for a quote
- Can I return unused/untapped kegs for refund?
  • Per Oklahoma State Alcohol / Beverage Law Enforcement Commission and State Health Department regulations, any beer sold cannot be returned for refund
- Do you carry 6.0% (high point) beer?
  • No. Under Oklahoma state alcohol beverage laws, ANY beer with an alcohol content above 3.2% CANNOT be sold ready for consumption. (COLD). Keg beer MUST be kept cold from the moment it is brewed until it is tapped by the consumer. Therefore, Totally Kegs does NOT sell 6.0 (high point) beer, as we feel the quality of the beer would be greatly diminished. In our opinion, selling the consumer 6.0% (high point) beer is incompatible with Oklahoma state alcohol beverage laws.